Kevin McCarthy DeadKevin McCarthy, who starred as a frantic doctor trying to save his community in the science-fiction movie classic 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers,' has died at age 96.

McCarthy died Saturday, said Cape Cod Hospital spokesman Dave Riley, who wouldn't reveal the cause of death or any other details.

'Body Snatchers' was one of the most powerful films of the classic 1950s sci-fi era and it hung on McCarthy's performance.

In fact, while he would consistently win praise for his acting during a long and busy career, his most lasting fame would come for 'Body Snatchers,' a film that was a flop upon its initial release.

His frantic shouting of "You're next!" to those in approaching cars became so well known among science-fiction fans that he was often asked to spoof the role, including in the '70s remake of the film

'Body Snatchers' flopped at the box office, considered too bleak for audiences of the time. It was elevated to classic status, and its star to iconic status, after such critics as Francois Truffault hailed it and late-night television programmers embraced it, and specifically, McCarthy's performance as he vainly tried to warn residents in his small town of the evil pod people from outer space who were quietly taking over the personalities of everyone on Earth.