Martha Stewart's daughter has a cheeky talk show. Paula Abdul loves to talk. And as luck would have it, the former 'American Idol' judge has a new talent-show series to promote.

What's that, you say? You knew Martha Stewart hosted a show about kitcheny, crafty things -- but who's this daughter? Martha's only child is 44-year-old Alexis, and since 2008, she's cultivated a cable TV following by poking fun at her mom's old broadcasts on the series 'Whatever, Martha!'

Now Abdul, who has denied rumors of a return to 'Idol,' is dressing up and dropping by for a visit to 'Whatever,' cohosted by Alexis Stewart, along with Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. The series is reportedly more of a straightforward chat show, and premieres tomorrow on the Hallmark Channel. Meanwhile, Abdul is still auditioning amateur hoofers around the country for her untitled CBS series (currently just being called 'Paula Abdul's Dance Show' on the official website).

Simon Cowell's best frenemy has some new moves to teach; watch a preview clip of her visit to 'Whatever' here, involving sky-high stilettos that were definitely not designed for dancing.