In this weekend's The Sunday Times magazine, Camille Paglia, the well-known feminist social critic, set her sights on the princess of pop, Lady Gaga. In an article titled 'Lady Gaga and the Death of Sex,' Paglia asserts that Gaga lacks the necessary sex appeal to be an icon of her standing and that her spectacle is little more than a "ghoulish" and "sexually dysfunctional" front so we don't notice.

There is a profound cynicism in Paglia's words, as if she is offended by all things earnest. She challenges Gaga's larger-than-life generalizations about loving one's self, forgetting that when making them, Gaga isn't speaking face-to-face with someone she knows but rather to an audience of millions – many of whom have been discriminated against, even physically assaulted, for living a lifestyle that doesn't conform to traditional gender roles.