Will.i.amBetween Kanye's uncensored A-bombs and Taylor Swift's awkward moment reflecting on her lost innocence at last year's show, everyone is taking about the VMAs. But there's one performance you may have missed: will.i.am's adventures in "blackface."

Yes, will.i.am joined ubiquitous up-and-coming rap star Nicki Minaj for a pre-show performance of their new single, 'Check It Out,' and the Internet just about exploded with heated criticism against the Black Eyed Peas frontman, who happened to have his face painted black. He was also wearing a ridiculous plastic hair cap, but we're gonna let that one slide. So, he was technically blackfaced, but not really, right? Still, plenty of people seem to think otherwise.

Much ado about nothing? Will.i.am thinks so.