What is there to say about Lady Gaga that hasn't been said already? One author claims to have some stories. Maureen Callahan's new book, 'Pokerface: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga' is an in-depth account of how Stefani Germanotta, a talented but seemingly-average girl from New York's Upper West Side, became the world's biggest pop star. The journey wasn't as easy as you might think, and Gaga hasn't always been exactly "glamorous." From countless rejections and body image issues to later coping with the self-destructive side of her new-found fame, 'Pokerface' claims to be a first-hand report from the people who were with her every step of the way. We spoke with author Maureen Callahan about all the rumors and what it's like to write a book about someone who's constantly changing and editing her history as she goes along.

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