CherFirst, Cher -- working a barely-there bodysuit at age 64 for crying out loud -- makes a huge splash presenting an award to Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music awards. Next, get ready for Cher, the musical.

Prolific producer-director-writer Andy Fickman confirms that he has a theatrical piece, drawn from Cher's life and career, on the way.

He tells PopEater, "We'll be making announcements about that project coming together shortly. She's a fairly phenomenal character, Cher -- as a human being I think she's one of the great icons of all time, a force to be reckoned with. The way she looked onstage with Lady Gaga, well, it's one for the books."

Fickman doesn't want to give out details yet. For one thing, he has other project to talk about -- and, certainly, another icon: everyone's favorite octogenarian superstar, Betty White.