Elle magazine is denying accusations that it digitally lightened the skin of Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, who is appearing on one of the October issue's four celebrity covers.

The controversy is the second magazine swirl Sidibe's name has been tied to in 2010. It was back in February that there was an outcry that the actress, at the time reveling in the Oscar buzz around 'Precious, had been left off of Vanity Fair's Hollywood cover in what some called 'The White Issue.

The Telegraph reports that the fashion magazine -- which last month featured Julia Roberts on its front -- is also being criticized for showing slim October cover girls Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, and Lauren Conrad in full-length poses, while the plus-size Sidibe is only seen from the chest up, according to the paper.

The 'Precious' actress appears on the cover in a draped emerald green gown and rocking long, straight locks, though her glowing skin does seem to be a few shades lighter than normal (See the photos above).

So is the lighter skin a result of her makeup or the lighting used on set? Or did somebody get too eager with the Photoshop?

Elle reportedly claims "nothing out of the ordinary" was done.