Justin Timberlake: Star of one of the best movies of the year. If those words don't exactly roll off the tongue, try these on for size: Janet Jackson, Oscar contender.

Yes, this fall, the worlds of film and music will collide head on in a very big way, with Janet and Justin leading the charge, and so far the buzz is ... well, overwhelmingly positive.

Pop stars have a long and complicated relationship with the big screen, and audiences and the media alike are always ready to hop on the schadenfreude bandwagon whenever a singer attempts to crossover – despite a mountain of evidence suggesting that, for the most part, they usually pull it off just fine. We tend to recall cinematic tragedies like 'Glitter' and 'Crossroads,' before we remember that Cher won an Oscar and Mark Wahlberg's films have grossed over $1.3 billion domestically.