Hailey GlassmanWhen I got home from my interview with Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin's infamous ex, I threw off the worn orange hoodie she'd loaned me as I walked into my apartment. We'd met up at the Cinema Café in Murray Hill, done the official question and answer bit, paid the bill and left.

"This was fun," she said after I thanked her again for meeting with me. "Hey, I live a few blocks away. Wanna come up to my rooftop for a drink?" she asked me nonchalantly.

"Sure ... Why not?" I answered to the girl I'd been laughing with for the past hour in a more formal setting. Despite having been picked apart by the media for her relationship with the fame-loving father of eight, Hailey's a strong, down to earth, pretty normal young Manhattanite.

"People forget I'm only 23," she said. "Like, why is it some shock I'm looking for a job? The NY Post published my resume as a big joke, but of course I'm gonna look for a job. What do people think, I'm just gonna sit around my apartment for the rest of my life and think about what happened?"