Rachael HarrisYou may not know the name Rachael Harris but you definitely recognize her from genius comic turns as the fiancée from hell in 'The Hangover,' the oblivious ex-wife of Jim Dangle on 'Reno 911' and Susan Heffley in 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid.' These days you can catch her as Marcia, a love interest for Jamie Kaler's character Mike in TBS's 'My Boys.' The beautiful and infectiously funny Harris chats with PopEater about her surging career, the appalling music you'll find on her iPod and the power held deep inside those trademark glasses. Oh, and to pre-answer your question, yes she'll emasculate your man (like she did in 'Hangover') ... for a buck.

Do I sound cheesy if I say I'm a big fan?
Oh no not at all! I think you have amazing taste.

Let's talk 'My Boys.'
One of my best friends is a writer on the show and I've wanted to do something on it for the past few seasons so they came up with this great storyline and I love it. The fact that I'm not bitching someone out or being emasculating is lovely.

But you're so good at that!
Thank you!