Tomorrow, as NBC premieres its most talked-about new drama, 'The Event' (9 p.m. EST), millions of 'Lost' fans have a decision to make.

Dare we open ourselves up, all over again, potentially for years, to a brand new, sci-fi-tinged, time-jumping, conspiracy-filled series promising twisted plotlines, and, let's face it, torture for the viewer?

The show has already played mind games with us, as producers insist 'The Event' isn't trying to imitate 'Lost,' while ads for the premiere promote an ominous, question-filled thrill ride that blatantly features a terrifying plane crash. The harrowing, beautiful 'Lost' pilot episode, about the crash of Oceanic 815, was an instant TV classic when it aired in 2004. It can't be replicated...can it?

Here are five ways 'The Event' -- which insiders have said answers questions far more swiftly than 'Lost' ever did -- can solve the burning mystery of how to win over viewers still coping with a six-year 'Lost' hangover.

1. Know where the story is going.
A masterful episode, or season for that matter, fades fast when viewers lose faith that there's a satisfying endgame ahead. Even the masterful performance of Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert), for instance, became a source of strife for 'Lost' fans who suspected the character was there for atmosphere, not answers. Indeed, the limp resolution to Richard's story (including a magical youth-preserving beverage and an abrupt attack by Smoke monster) certainly caused a whole lot of "Wait, what?" Cast members working on 'The Event' have claimed they aren't even privy to other dialogue and character details. You gotta wonder, if the show's a hit, will creators improvise wild twists or map out the journey?