Kurt Warner on Dancing With the Stars
Kurt Warner does not sound like he is having much fun cutting a rug right now. The Super Bowl MVP -- a multi-record-holding superstar quarterback -- is rehearsing for his stint on 'Dancing With the Stars' that begins Sept. 20 and he admits he's frustrated.

"I think the hardest thing is not so much from a technical standpoint. It's making the transition from being really good at something to being really bad at something," he tells PopEater. "When you're used to being good and having success, that's probably the most difficult thing. You wonder, 'Why did I do this? I'm just no good.'"

Wow. How bad is he?

"The biggest thing is the technique is so hard, so different from anything I've done before. It's a struggle. I do feel I have some decent rhythm, but when it comes to the ballroom stuff, it can be something as simple as picking up on the one count on music. Some of these things seem so elementary for people in music, but they're new for someone like me," he explains. "When I used to have 70,000 fans screaming at me, I was able to tune them out. I didn't even hear them. But now, unfortunately, I'm doing the same thing with the music. I can tune it out completely when I'm concentrating on what I'm doing."