Bryan Masche'Raising Sextuplets' dad Bryan Masche's arrest earlier this month began with an argument with wife Jenne over where to take the children on a trip and quickly escalated into an aggressive verbal argument that crossed into scary territory after police were called.

New details have emerged in the Sept. 11 arrest of Masche, 32, who pleaded not guilty to domestic violence, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after spending a night in jail in Camp Verde, Arizona.

According to police at the scene, Masche was taken into custody after he was threatened with a Taser and refused to be handcuffed. "I didn't do anything!" he said, claiming his rights were being violated and that "domestic violence had not occurred" during the argument between him and Jenne.

That argument began at 2 p.m. at a house they were staying at 99 miles north of Phoenix.

"Dispatch advised that the incident was verbal at the time, however the suspect ... was becoming more aggressive, and that there were firearms in a vehicle," according to a police report.