Katherine SchwarzeneggerAn estimated eight million Americans have an eating disorder and seven million of them are girls and young women. It seems now that there's even more pressure than ever before for girls to look a certain way that is virtually unobtainable for the vast majority. Katherine Schwarzenegger -- yes, her dad is Arnold and mom is Maria Shriver -- has written a book called 'Rock What You've Got' that attempts to give girls a confident and healthy attitude towards their bodies and appearances. The 20-year-old author spoke with PopEater about the important message of the book, her "amazing father" and how growing up famous had nothing to do with her past body issues.

How did you get the idea for this book?
I did an internship at Dove where I worked on their campaign for real beauty and I became really interested in body image and the statistics really shocked me. Young girls in our society feel such pressure to look perfect all the time and they feel like they can't be themselves and don't feel good about themselves because they don't look like the woman on the cover of a magazine. I wanted to clarify what you should and shouldn't feel. Mainly telling girls they shouldn't feel this pressure to look like the cover of a magazine because it's not real, it goes through so much photo shopping and most girls don't know that.