Is that Sharon Stone or "The Situation"? We couldn't blame you for thinking the latter after getting a peek at Sharon Stone's frightfully high hairdo.

The actress sported her 'Jersey Shore' tribute during a recent event in Paris.

At the Peace One Day event at Zeneth de Paris in France, the actress stepped out looking like she could be Snooki's mother, piling her blonde locks high atop her head in a towering and tangled bouffant.

Besides her hair-raising hairdo, the 'Basic Instinct' beauty took another style cue from the 'Jersey Shore' gals with her skintight trousers, pairing black leather pants with a sheer white chiffon top.

Whether or not the ensemble is age-appropriate for the 52-year-old actress, Stone has no intention of toning down her attire any time soon.

"I'm still wearing a bikini. That's my bathing suit," she told More magazine in June, adding that she doesn't believe that "this is what you wear when you're 40, 50, 60. I wore leather pants when I was 20. I'll be wearing leather pants when I'm 70. Because that's my style."