Jon HammJon Hamm prides himself on not being a sell out. The actor may have become an overnight sensation with his role as Don Draper on 'Mad Men,' but he managed to skyrocket to fame without losing his dignity, he says. In the October issue of Details, Hamm opens up about reality TV, ponders the success of 'Twilight' and Miley Cyrus and explains why his latest flick, 'The Town,' is not for the Twitter-obsessed.

On the difference between actors and reality stars:
"LA represents opportunity. And, as has been proven over and over in the current media landscape, it doesn't take much for them to put you on TV. If that's all you want you can just be on 'The Bachelor' or 'The Real Housewives' or whatever show just wants oversized personalities, ridiculous behavior and zero dignity ... When you try to learn how to act, you approach it with respect. But if you just want to be famous ... that's not much different than porn. 'I'm a movie star!' Well, no, no you're not. You're a porn star, and that's completely different."