Totally amped Nicki Minaj fans at at least two American colleges lined up to buy tickets to see her live on campus, but there was one problem: Minaj didn't know about them. The news broke out after Minaj was sent a picture on Twitter of fans lining up to buy tickets to a concert of hers that wasn't scheduled. Loads of students and eager fans were scammed, according to the BBC.

"Wut [sic] concert?" Minaj asked on Twitter. "Never heard of it. I feel so bad 4 ppl who were scammed."

The known schools to be targeted include Michigan State University and Jackson State University. Minaj quickly added that her legal team was already on the case and that "way more schools that were scammed." She also raised the fact that she doesn't even go back on tour until a week after the fake concerts were scheduled on October 8th and 15th.