'Sesame Street' spoofs of popular TV shows can be counted on for both their incredible attention to detail and their fantastic educational lessons. The new season's spoof of HBO's hit vampire series 'True Blood' is no exception.

'True Mud' forgoes all of the series' over-the-top sex and violence for a cleaner snapshot of Merlotte's, with a Sookie Stackhouse look-and-soundalike waiting on a Bill Compton-esque patron desperate for some real mud. Anna Paquin would be proud as her corresponding Muppet gets the order wrong at first, offering up a potato ('True Spud'), then another local comes in with his busted watch (a 'True Dud'). There are more rhymes to follow.

Leave it to the 'Sesame Street' geniuses to get even the look and feel of the incredible 'True Blood' credit sequence down, complete with hogs getting dirty while a spoof of Jace Everett's 'Bad Things' plays in the background. It's really too much to believe so watch it here and let it take your mind off this week's Katy Perry-Sesame Boob Gate.