Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots
Lindsay Lohan was taken into custody this morning in Los Angeles, which unfortunately meant another photo to add to her growing collection of mug shots.

The latest booking photo (above, far left) was taken at the Lynwood Correctional Facility. The previous mug shot (second from left) was snapped on August 2 when Lindsay began a 90-day jail sentence that was slashed to 14 days.

The other two mug shots were both snapped in 2007. The photo on the right -- arguably the most infamous -- was snapped on July 24, 2007, in Santa Monica when Lohan, then 21, was charged with drunk driving and cocaine possession and eventually released on $25,000 dollars bail. The final photo (second from the right) was taken on November 15 of that same year. It was taken when Lohan voluntarily reported to the facility to serve her minimum 24-hour jail sentence that was part of a plea bargain for two DUI charges. She checked out a mere 84 minutes after booking.