Shia LeBeouf and Josh BrolinA key scene in 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' features a cocky Shia LaBeouf eager to burn his onscreen boss, Josh Brolin, in an open-road motorcycle race. LaBeouf admits to PopEater that his "cowboy" co-star had the clear edge in the racing scene, no matter what you will see in the movie.

"His risk appetite is that of someone you would call insane," LaBeouf says of Brolin. "I have a fear of losing my life that I don't think that man has."

"He's a cowboy, he's a man's man. And he's out to prove it all the time," he adds, admitting defeat in any real-life bike competition. "I have to give it to Brolin."

The racing scene is a pivotal plot moment in 'Wall Street,' opening Friday. LaBeouf says the two, both ardent motorcycle enthusiasts, actually shot most of the dangerous stunts themselves.