In a new statement to PopEater, Lindsay Lohan's increasingly pious father has a lot to say about the legal system, his divorce from Dina, and the latest turn of events in his famous (and estranged) daughter's life.

Michael Lohan says:

"As you know, thank God, Lindsay was released from jail tonight. However, what what most don't know is that her release wasn't due to the efforts of any one person. She was released because that's what God wanted.

I truly believe that God wanted to show Lindsay that Shawn Holley, Lou Taylor and Dina (the 'machine,' as Dina put it), failed her.

Lindsay walked into court, convinced by the 'machine' that she would 'skate' on the violation, but as it was, that did not happen. As a matter of fact, as was the case last time, Lindsay was misled."