Don't try to compare 'The Buried Life' with 'Jackass,' because there's a difference between doing crazy stuff for laughs, and going on ballsy adventures to live life to the fullest. You have to go pretty far to find guys with more heart than Duncan Penn and the guys from MTV's 'The Buried Life.' Penn chatted with PopEater to talk Season 2, the joys of playing basketball with President Barack Obama and daydreaming about outer space. Season 2 starts tonight at 10:30 ET on MTV.

How did Season 2 Go?
We're still shooting, we shot about eight list items, and now we're just finishing off the last two.

Compared to last season, what kind of crazy stunts can we expect this season?
Right after Season 1 ended, we crossed off something we had been wanting to do for a long time and that's playing ball with Obama. For us, finally doing that was 'Wow, well if this is possible, what else can we do?' For the next 10 items, we really wanted to bring it up and notch and test ourselves in different ways to find out what's possible. Our first episode which is this Monday is to streak in a stadium and get away with it. Lots of people streak, but we wanted to get away with it. So we did that in Kansas City, MO.