Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli is the winner of the four most prestigious show business awards memorably parodied on '30 Rock' as an "EGOT"--Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. On September 28 she releases her 11th studio album, "Confessions."

The showbiz legend spoke with PopEater about everything from performing for her famous parents at the age of 3 to the Russell Brand remake of her classic film "Arthur" (hint: she's underwhelmed) and the phenomenon of Lady Gaga.

"I'm running around like a wild woman!" Liza tells PopEater from her home in Manhattan, where she is still rebuilding strength after her latest surgery. "You know it's quite traumatic, having a full knee replacement. But I'm back in dance class every day, plus I go to the trainer. The strength is getting really great, and I'm touring all over the place. My god I'm everywhere!"