Orlando Bloom Burglar Alexis Neiers Writing a Book 'Pretty Wild' reality star Alexis Neiers, who recently spent time behind bars for burglarizing Orlando Bloom, is trying to shop a book "loosely based on her life," TMZ reports.

A partial description reads: "Think 'Gossip Girl' goes to Hollywood -- it is a cautionary tale as well as a guilty pleasure; the reader is plunged into the crazy, out-of-control world of one of Hollywood's most infamous party girls."

Neiers is reportedly working with Sheryl Berk, the same ghostwriter who worked with Britney Spears and Jamie-Lynn Sigler on their books. Oh, and one about Barney the purple dinosaur.

The reality star and potential author-to-be spent 30 days of a 180-day felony burglary sentence in Century Regional Detention Facility at Lynwood over the summer. At one point, her neighbor in lock-up was Lindsay Lohan. Although Neiers was behind bars specifically for burglarizing Bloom, she was also part of a crime ring that allegedly broke into Lohan's home. A watch stolen from the 'Mean Girls' actress was found at the Neiers' home.