Emma Stone and Lindsay Lohan
Pop-Ed. With the release of the recent hit 'Easy A,' 2010 found its breakout star -- Emma Stone. Intensely likable, quick-witted and seemingly down-to-earth, Stone, with her raspy voice and red hair, exudes a cool relatability that is getting her noticed and, blessedly, putting a young actress in the headlines for her talent and ability to carry a film to box office success rather than her drug exploits and court appearances.

Which brings us to the actress Stone is garnering a lot of comparisons to: Lindsay Lohan (circa 2004, of course). Now, I'm not here to dump on Lohan -- I still hope, against all odds, that she pulls it together and emerges from her situation like the film world's most well-known phoenix, Robert Downey Jr. (don't forget how desperate things were for him at one point). I'm here to gush about Stone and point out how she differs from LiLo.