Octomom Yard SaleOctomom Nadya Suleman has 14 mouths to feed, and after a failed attempt at reality TV, she's said that she's determined not to go on welfare and figure out another way to make ends meet. That explains her yard sale this weekend.

Suleman was hocking items, including an autographed nursing bra and the red bikini she wore in Star magazine, in an attempt to raise enough money to pay her $4,060 mortgage.

Also up for grabs: The devil costumes her infamous octuplets wore for Halloween (Octomom dressed up as a pregnant nun, of course), some of the little ones' baby clothes and a LA Lakers jersey signed by the controversial mother, not Kobe Bryant, which actually fetched $125.

No word on how the used intimates fared with the roughly 150 shoppers/gawkers who turned up to the sale at Suleman's La Habra, Calif., home, but apparently the overwhelmed mom needs every penny she can get to prevent foreclosure.

Suleman told our partners at Radar Online -- lucky enough to be among the yard sale attendees -- that she's looking for the best way to raise money and that she'll never pose nude as a quick way to get a paycheck. Watch Radar's Interview

This comes after word that adult entertainment producers Vivid Entertainment are offering Suleman $500K to star in a porn film. "I'm just trying to put my best foot forward and do what's best to save my home and feed my children," Suleman told Radar. "I will never pose nude to save my house."