Demi and Ashton
Buzz that Ashton Kutcher has been cheating on his wife Demi Moore has left many fans dismayed. How could it be? The celebrity couple has seemed so in love, so happy, so publicly affectionate, so devoted to each other. They've been hailed as a shining example of a marriage that works in Hollywood, and one where the wife is 15 years older, no less.

But not everyone is shocked and saddened by the idea that Demi and Ashton may be on the rocks. In fact, some are grumbling that the actors -- with their insatiable hunger for attention and eagerness to flaunt their relationship -- are getting exactly what they deserve.

The infidelity rumors just may be the stars' comeuppance, the bashers say, for all those nauseating photos and love notes they've relentlessly posted on Twitter.