Helen MirrenDame Helen Mirren isn't entirely happy with her body. It's hard to tell by a revealing lace dress she wears on the cover of the UK Women & Home magazine this month. And those photos of her looking stunningly sexy in a bikini (see in below video)? All an illusion, she says.

"Bits of my body are all right, but bits of me are horrible," the 65-year-old star tells the magazine. "To be honest, anything from the waist down I don't really like."

Not that she has anything to be ashamed of. The Brit beauty made jaws drop and inspired seniors to start wearing sexier swimwear after she was photographed looking toned in a two-piece in 2008. In truth, she says she was holding in her tummy.

"I don't know why, but I do, by nature, hold my tummy in," she says, calling it a "trick for making you look and feel good."