Michael C. Hall Talks 'Dexter' Season Five: 'His Life Has Been Decimated''Dexter' premiered this weekend to killer ratings -- its highest yet with 2.3 million viewers. Star Michael C. Hall, who triumphed over Hodgkin's lymphoma earlier this year, spoke with PopEater about his health, being married to his onscreen sister, actress Jennifer Carpenter, and what it's like playing a serial killer.

So what's up for Dexter this season?
Everything he's constructed for himself to appear normal and connected to feeling undeniably human at this point, everything has been taken off the table. And he is responsible, so Dexter's life has been decimated; he feels a great sense of guilt for that fact, so once again we find him in unchartered emotional waters.

Does it ever get to you, playing a serial killer?
Yeah, probably, I suppose. But at the same time never do I have more of a skip in my step than on days when we shoot Dexter actually killing someone. It's cathartic.