With 'Sister Wives' Echoing 'Big Love,' Five Series Reality TV Should Never Adapt
The 'Sister Wives' family getting investigated for felony bigamy kinda stole the thunder from an office convo we were hoping to have after Sunday night's premiere -- we were dying to discuss the fact that 'Sister Wives' is basically HBO's 'Big Love,' reality TV-ified. Now we're stuck making flashcards reminding ourselves that 'Big Love' equals fiction and 'Sister Wives' equals fact, though both feature perversely alluring polygamist families and hamster-haven-style interconnected homes.

It all got us thinking -- man, wouldn't 'Mad Men' suck if grafted onto a modern day reality premise? No offense to 'Sister Wives,' 'cause you do what you do and you do it well, but after the jump are the five shows we hope never get adapted to the reality TV arena. Read on.