Just how is 5-foot-7 actor Tom Cruise able to stand as tall as 5-foot-9 co-star Cameron Diaz -- who was wearing four-inch heels? That's a six-inch difference if you are counting and our friends at StyleList break down just how they were able to orchestrate it at the Tokyo premiere of their film 'Knight & Day.'

Standing side-by-side, Cruise and Diaz, who was poured into a belted black dress by Bottega Veneta paired with multicolored Jimmy Choo heels, practically matched each other inch for inch, as reported first in the Daily Mail.

Was this from a sudden growth spurt on Cruise's side? A shrinking Cameron?

Neither, it turns out. The Daily Mail reports that Cruise may have reached new heights with the help of shoe lifts, special inserts placed inside a man's shoe to raise his heel and make him taller.