Alicia Keys PregnantAlicia Keys is not due until later this fall, but the singer and rapper and producer Swizz Beatz are not keeping her expanding belly hidden. The pair showed off her baby bump in New York at the 'Keep a Child Alive' fundraiser in New York City.

"I'm happy she's glowing. She's always glowing though," Beatz told OK! of his wife. "She helps me glow so that's an amazing thing." He already has three children.

Keep a Child Alive acts to provide medicine for children with AIDS who can't afford it and Keys said that her active role in the cause is something she hopes is passed down to her baby.

"The baby is going to see everything that I do, and that we do, and I think that being a giving individual and being a person that knows we can all do something. It doesn't necessarily need to be the biggest thing that ever happened," explained Alicia. " That's okay. Something small and little, reaching out to one person in the world is changing that one person in the world and that's a big deal. I plan to show that in every way."