We love a good geek to chic, nerd-next-door who makes it big, story. That's why Mark Zuckerberg, cofounder and CEO of Facebook, has been largely perceived as a likable, brilliant young entrepreneur.

But today's nationwide release of, 'The Social Network' is very likely to change our perception of our programming pal, Mark Z. As we all know from the dramatized trailers and media buzz, 'The Social Network' shows a darker, backstabbing Facebook founder than the down to earth, brilliant billionaire we've grown to love.

In the movie, golden boys Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, along with their friend Divya Narendra, are royally screwed over by socially awkward Mark Zuckerberg when he steals their idea for a Harvard-based social networking site.

The real Cameron Winklevoss, who's played by Armie Hammer in the movie, told me confidently, "The film is nonfiction. I think [the creators] David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin did a great job getting their facts right."