Lindsay LohanJerry Lewis is at it again, issuing more stinging jabs at not-so-nice laaaady, Lindsay Lohan, at a Friars Club event in NYC on Wednesday. Lewis called Lohan, in rehab for the second time in two months, a "fresh, dumb broad" who "needs a spanking on her ass to get her to put herself where she belongs!"

Just last month, Lewis told a befuddled reporter that he'd "smack [Lindsay] in the mouth if I saw her" and "be arrested for abusing a woman." He then said that if she wasn't satisfied, he'd "put her over my knee and spank her and then put her in rehab and that's it."

But Lewis, 84, isn't the only member of the old guard to chime in on Lohan this week. Iconic crooner Tony Bennett told a reporter at a charity event that Lohan and similarly troubled artists who use drugs are "sinning against their talents."