If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Rihanna should be feeling pretty darn good about herself today -- thanks to her lively "Matador Red" locks.

Model Milica Blagojevic strutted down the catwalk yesterday at the Hakaan Spring 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week donning a copycat color and cut of the pop star's bright red 'do.

The mastermind behind the vibrant hue -- which was dyed on site at the show -- is colorist Christophe Robin, who also worked his magic on Shirley Mallmann's blonde tresses, transforming them into a trendy shade of lilac gray. Whether you like these looks or not (our guess is not), they were a one-hit wonder -- Robin re-dyed the models' locks back to their original colors after the show.

Based on her past hairstyles of stripy highlights, an edgy crop, slicked back strands, and even a mohawk, we know this 22-year-old will keep pushing the hair envelope. So we won't be surprised if there are more impersonations to come.