We're all for letting your feelings show, but this is ridiculous!

Immediately following the New York City premiere of Katherine Heigl's new comedy 'Life As We Know It' on Thursday, the New York Post reports that co-star Josh Duhamel was approached by an overzealous fan who allegedly "marched up to him...grabbed his neck...and tried to start making out with him."

Security reportedly had to pull the woman off Duhamel and evict her from the event, which was held at the Ziegfeld Theater in midtown Manhattan. A source told the Post, "It was a little freaky. She wouldn't let go."

Duhamel, 37, is married to Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie; the couple will celebrate their second wedding anniversary in January. At the time of the incident, Fergie was on tour and not present at the premiere.