New cast members are grabbing the spotlight on 'Saturday Night Live' this season.

As Miley Cyrus (or, rather, Vanessa Bayer impersonating Miley) would say, "Pretty cool!"

Last night's 'SNL' episode, hosted by Bryan Cranston (Emmy-winning star of 'Breaking Bad,' who was a solid team player but hardly dominated the evening's sketches), introduced a new spoof talk show starring everyone's favorite hyper-confident, hyper-upbeat -- okay, just plain hyper -- teen celebrity, Miley Cyrus.

What was actually "pretty cool" was how Bayer captured the raspy-voiced, wide-eyed Disney star's "over it" attitude about her dad, and her skewed self-image about her acting talent compared to, say, Johnny Depp. Fellow 'SNL' newbie Paul Brittain, meanwhile, nailed his Depp impersonation as a guest on 'The Miley Cyrus Show.'

Have a look at the sketch. What did you think of these 'SNL' newcomers?