Chloe Moretz in 'Let Me In': Hollywood's Newest Bloodsucker
You probably know this young star as the foulmouthed superhero Hit Girl from 'Kick Ass,' or the wise beyond her years younger sister to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in '500 days of Summer.' But Chloe Moretz is back on the big screen as the newest addition to the vampire army. The 13-year-old star's latest project is the American adaptation of the Swedish film, 'Let the Right One In.' Chloe stars as Abby, the protective vampire with a dark past, along with Kodi Smit-McPhee and Elias Koteas in 'Let Me In.' PopEater had the chance to chat with Chloe to talk about vampires, her love for Ian Somerhalder, and the potential for a 'Kick Ass 2.' Check out what she had to say after the jump!