Justin TimberlakePop-Ed: Justin Timberlake is quickly finding out that the Academy Awards is much more than a game of talent, but also about branding.

With the much-hyped 'The Social Network' topping the box-office on its opening weekend with $23 million, it seems anything touching David Fincher's movie is Oscar gold in almost every category, but now its breakout star is already taking heat. Although many swooned for Timberlake's performance, some observers like Vulture think he sealed his fate by signing onto the 'Yogi Bear' movie. It's a tough hit to his chances, but the pop star has one thing going for him that no other candidate can touch: ratings.

Back when Eddie Murphy starred in 'Dreamgirls' in 2006, everyone thought he had a legitimate shot to nab an Oscar for his performance of James 'Thunder' Early. But alas, his campaign derailed because his other offering that year, 'Norbit,' was so wretched it put a bad taste in the mouths of Academy voters. Now with Timberlake getting early Oscar buzz, critics are quickly pointing out the similarity between Eddie Murphy's 'Norbit' no-no to JT's animated turn as Yogi's pal, Boo-Boo. JT's competition will ruthlessly paint him as a fuzzy cute-voiced bear instead of the suave and rich Sean Parker, but the battle is far from over if he chooses to make a fight out of it.