Eliot Spitzer and Ashley DuprePop-Ed: I'm all about second chances. We live, we learn, we make mistakes. And if you're in the public eye, these mistakes are magnified and exploited.

But former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and his infamous call girl Ashley Dupre didn't just get second chances after getting wrapped up in a national scandal. They were both afforded entirely new opportunities, not because they were in any way qualified, but because they gained such notoriety after getting caught with their pants down.

Last night, Eliot Spitzer and Pulitzer Prize winning political columnist Kathleen Parker kicked off their new CNN primetime show, 'Parker Spitzer.' Spitzer isn't entirely terrible on screen. His "rants" are pre-rehearsed and clearly read off a teleprompter, and he frantically tries to convince viewers he's an advocate for "the middle class." He's cautiously flirty with co-host Kathleen Parker, who in her southern politeness barely gets a word in. The two have forced, scripted "banter" throughout the hour, futilely trying to prove they have any chemistry whatsoever. There's also some unintentionally comical upbeat jazz music bringing the show in and out of commercials, as if somehow feeling like we're in an elevator with Spitzer and Parker would make them more relatable figures.

I'm curious what Ashley Dupre thinks of her former "client" being rewarded for his illicit behavior with a primetime hosting gig. Then again, Dupre herself has reaped the rewards of being a bad girl.