Barney Fife. That's all one has to say out loud to get a big laugh. Don Knotts brought this lovable, bumbling sitcom character to life on 'The Andy Griffith Show' in 1960. The audience got to know him so well, that he became a television favorite almost immediately, and, now, 50 years later, millions of loyal fans still can't get enough of the skinny, high-strung deputy sheriff who gets "sinking spells" in the afternoon if he doesn't get a snack. Whether his nervous energy was due to" low sugar blood content" or he was just prone to wild outbursts because of that invisible "clock in his stomach," the fact is we love Barney as much as we loved Lucy.

PopEater caught up with Karen Knotts, 56, (Knotts' daughter with his first wife Kathryn) in Mt. Airy, N.C. recently where she was there to help honor her late father (he died in 2006) at the 21st Annual "Mayberry Days." She talked about her close relationship with her dad, how different he was in real life from Barney, why he was dead-set against her becoming an actress, her new one-woman show, and of course his relationship with boss and friend, Andy Griffith.