Lil' Wayne Gets Solitary Confinement for Using MP3 PlayerWith just about a month left in prison, prodigy rapper Lil Wayne will be forced into solitary confinement because he got caught listening to music.

Wayne will serve the rest of his jail sentencing in solitary confinement due to illegally listening to music on an MP3 player back in May, the New York Post reports.

The hip-hop phenom, AKA Dwayne Carter, will remain by himself in a solitary jail cell 23 hours a day until he finishes his sentence for gun possession on Nov. 4. He'll only be let out for medical and hygiene purposes. Weezy will spend his one hour of recreation time without any fellow inmates.

Lil Wayne is set to be released from prison early, after beginning his sentence in February. He was convicted for illegal possession of a loaded gun that was found on his tour bus at the Beacon Theater in New York City in 2008.