Will Arnett on Kids, Stern and 'Arrested' DevelopmentsWill Arnett and Amy Poehler could be the funniest couple today, but Arnett says family life is a lot more mellow than one would assume. While in the middle of shooting his new show 'Running Wilde' with Keri Russell and David Cross on FOX, Arnett spared some time for PopEater to talk about being a dad, his obsession with Howard Stern and news on the highly anticipated 'Arrested Development' movie.

You're a big fan of Howard Stern. Do you think he's going to re-sign with Sirius?
I sure hope so but I just don't know if he will. It seems that Howard is very unpredictable in that way. I don't mean like crazy, I mean he's a man of conviction, but I hope he doesn't leave because I love listening to him.