Aasif Mandvi'Daily Show' correspondent Aasif Mandvi has his hands full these days with all the interest the news media is suddenly taking in Islamic issues from the Ground Zero mosque to Koran burning in Florida. Somehow he found time to organize Monday night's Stand Up for Religious Freedom comedy night to raise money for Pakistan flood relief.

Among the comedians joining Mandvi were Comedy Central own John Oliver, Rory Albanese and Wyatt Cenac
If you thought Comedy Central had some bad blood with former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, let me tell you, their punches go far beyond Sanchez (although political comedian Scott Blakeman calmly reminded the audience, "Have you seen Rick Sanchez? You realize Jews don't run the media, idiots run the media"). No race, religion, creed or television personality was spared during the fundraising event.

On Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Blakeman remarked, "I went to the Salute to Israel Parade, Prime Minister Netanyahu was there. He didn't march. He just built settlements along Fifth Avenue."

On immigration and Lou Dobbs Aaron Kader, founding member of the "Axis of Evil" comedy tour had a pretty succinct message: "Relax Lou Dobbs, you f------ prick."

Finally Glenn Beck. This was the one topic that brought folks of all faiths together, because if there is one thing Mormons and Muslims can agree on, it's that "Glenn Beck is an idiot," according to Mandvi.

After the show we took a few minutes to chat with Mandvi about Pakistani flood relief, offensive comedians and why cable news just doesn't seem to understand Islam.