You may think you know John Lennon, but until you've seen 'Nowhere Boy,' you'll have no idea what fueled the fire inside one of the world's greatest talents.

Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, 'Nowhere Boy' tells the story of Lennon's tumultuous upbringing in Liverpool, England, shuffling between his estranged mother and stuffy aunt, vying for their love.

"We didn't want to do an impersonation -- we sort of wanted to embody the soul, the spirit, and essence of Lennon as an ordinary guy," said Aaron Johnson, who plays young Lennon in the film.

Taylor-Wood knew going into the project that a film about an 'untold' period in Lennon's life would be no easy feat, "We had to be as obsessive as the fans are obsessive," she said.

PopEater sat down with Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson to talk about the pressures of creating a historically accurate film, truly understanding John Lennon and getting a phone call from Paul McCartney while grocery shopping! Watch the video behind the jump.