Even in a time when television is arguably in a golden age in terms of new content with the successes of HBO, Showtime, 'Mad Men' etc., TV producers are still showing some desperation. With the news from EW of NBC announcing a remake of the 1960s sitcom 'The Munsters,' even former cast member Butch Patrick is scratching his head.

"Honestly, I think it should be left alone," said the former 'Eddie Munster' who was interviewed by TMZ. "I think it shows they are desperate for content."

Nobody knows what's going to happen to 'The Munsters' sitcom after they dust off the cobwebs. But if the history of gimmick TV tells us anything, old and classic doesn't necessarily mean high ratings anymore -- good TV doesn't work like a junkyard filled with old car parts.

Then again NBC could've done a whole lot worse. There's TV from the past that should stay in the past, and it's a scary thought to think about possible old sitcom remakes that would bomb in today's market and give us all heartburn. Here are the top five sitcoms networks should stay away from if their execs want to keep their jobs.