One thing's for sure: you don't want to mess with the cast of 'Jersey Shore.' Just this past Saturday, one of the reality show's stars, Angelina Pivarnick, revealed just how tough she can be when she punched a limo driver in the head when he wouldn't stop insulting her mother, reports.

Angelina's mother, Annmarie, told RadarOnline the entire story. The incident occurred after Angelina appeared at a Big Bang Celebrity Boxing match in Springfield, Massachusetts last Saturday.

After the event, Angelina and her mom hopped into a limo hired by organizers to drive them to and from the boxing match. Things got weird when the limo driver began hitting on Annmarie. When it became clear she wasn't interested, he started hurling insults and cursing her.

"Angelina was trying to stop this guy from being disrespectful to me," Annmarie told "The guy took it too far."