Latest Word: There Is No Tiger Woods Sex TapeWord has been bubbling lately that porn star Devon James is in possession of a 62-minute sex tape featuring Tiger Woods.

Now reports the tape is a sham, according to James' former manager, Gina Rodriguez. "The tape does not exist," Rodriguez says. "This is definitely a scam and I would advise anyone thinking of buying it to not send in your money for pre-order. If they have a tape, it's not Tiger."

David Perel, RadarOnline creator and executive vice president, tells PopEater we've yet to see the final verdict on this particular sex tape. "Devon James and her husband have set a release date for it, so we're certainly going to be watching what appears on the website where it supposedly will be sold. This raises a lot of questions: Has it all been a publicity stunt? If a tape is released, how can we be sure that it really is Tiger in the tape, and not a lookalike?"