Jodie Foster's Alleged Assault Victim Shares Post-Attack PhotoPhotos of a bruised teenager who accused Jodie Foster of attacking him in May have been revealed at The pictures -- which clearly depict a bruised and fingernail-clawed arm -- were submitted to Los Angeles police, but the assault charges were eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence.

The 17-year-old boy, withholding his last name and going by Tony Jr., accused Foster of battery after an incident outside a Los Angeles-area shopping mall in May. At the time, the actress's rep called the accusations a "fabrication."

David Perel, RadarOnline creator and executive vice president, tells PopEater his gut reaction to the new photos: "They certainly show injuries to the teenager's arm, and they do appear to be consistent with being roughly grabbed. Of course, it is impossible to say just by looking at these photos that Jodie Foster inflicted these injuries," Perel says. "But, interestingly, Foster's rep eventually did admit the actress touched the teenager's arm after he took a photo of her; that lends weight to the possibility she inflicted these injuries."