La RouxAfter quite a successful run with 'Bulletproof,' breakout UK synth-pop act La Roux are now taking a victory lap around North America with their latest single, 'In for the Kill,' the lead track from their 2009 eponymous debut album. In this exclusive video, singer Elly Jackson gives PopEater a sneak peak at the video for their latest single and reveals that these days, she's all about style.

"It was really difficult for me, because there was another video we made about a year-and-a-half ago here in the UK but we only had 5,000 pounds," Jackson says. "That's not very much money. People will say, 'Oh, I like the old one,' and we're completely aware of that and can accept that, but I've moved on and didn't really feel attached to that '80s thing, fashion-wise."